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Copyright, something many authors ask us about. How do you make sure you own it if you self-publish?

The good news is, at Honeybee Books, we never take the copyright from our authors. This means that you still own the rights to your work, and if one day they decide to turn it into a movie, the cash is all yours!

In addition, it’s useful to know that by producing a book with your name, the date and the copyright symbol on it, you are automatically copyrighted! Not only do you then own the copyright for your whole lifetime, but it carries on for 70 years after your death, so it really lasts a long time! There is no need for lawyers or official registrations, despite what some firms would have to believe, if you follow the instructions about how to present your copyright inside your book, (we do this carefully on your behalf), you automatically own the copyright.

Why not have a look at the government information site if you would like to confirm this…

Another good reason to think about self-publishing!

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