Print on Demand

What is Print on Demand?

It’s a great way for authors to sell their books on Amazon without any of the hassle of taking orders or posting books.

At a groundbreaking £15 per year, we think you really can’t beat it as a cost-effective way to sell your books online.

The print on demand service works like this:

Your book is offered for sale through various online retailers, including Amazon, as well as at other online retail outlets such as Foyles, Blackwells, Gardners and The Great British Bookshop.

When a book is ordered the request goes directly to the printer, and is dispatched from there. The retailers will expect to take 35% of the retail price. This is the only cost we need to account for apart from printing. For example a book which retails at £8.99 will give you a return of £5.84, minus your print cost (for example £4.20), and the rest is profit.

When an order is received from a customer, the printing company prints and dispatches a copy of the book directly to the customer. They pass on to us the discounted price of the book, (retail price minus 35%), minus the print cost. This means you don’t have to print and store loads of copies of your book at once; it keeps selling books cheap and doesn’t involve a huge financial investment to set yourself up. It also means you don’t need to pack and post books off yourself.

Money is paid out by the printers every 3 months and will then be paid by Honeybee Books directly into whichever account you ask us to credit. We will give you 3 monthly sales reports, and interim reports as requested.

It’s such a simple option most of our customers find it the best way to manage their online sales, so do let us know if you’d like us to set this service up for you when your books are complete.

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