A blog about a blog… by guest blogger Emily Ewins

Writing is an expression of feeling; a reveal of character, no matter what form it takes. From prose to poetry, there is always an element of personality to be found. A contemporary platform of expression is the Internet, where any man, woman or animal (in Doug the Pug’s unique case) can rant, reminisce or critique.

We find ourselves in an age of screens and gadgets that allow anyone to discuss and debate certain topics. The accessible means of blogging today juxtaposes the pressure of writing for a paying and devoted following of people. Charles Dickens, for example, wrote in weekly instalments for books such as Hard Times, which would have generated more pressure for the author. This method of publishing would also have shortened opportunity for editing. No wonder Dickens relied on the dismal, with the pressure and stress of meeting demand.

Blogging in contrast is informal, as although certain bloggers may have large followings, they control the time of release of their entry. A blog can be added to randomly and in no linear sense of time, if it be the authors choice to do so, as the structure and nature of blogging is more flexible than that of literature.

Blogging also provides great opportunities for young writers; the lack of restrictions and physical obstacles benefits those with little experience of the nature of publishing.  Young blogger Zoella, or Zoe Sugg to her family and friends, is a prime example of the popularity of blogging. Since 2009 Zoella’s thoughts, fashion and beauty blog has gained over 70,000 members.

There are truly no limits if you wish to write; a small, seemingly unimportant blog entry can earn you a devoted following of people, and those people can be the inspiration for you to enhance your writing skills and expand on your means of writing.  Blog to book; blogging is a great way to raise your profile as a writer, so that upon the release of your first book you already have a group of interested people to advertise to.  Many established writers use blogs as a means of further explaining an aspect of their book, or piquing interest for the next development in a series.

If you are in any way interested in writing, use the open stage of the Internet to practise on; receive help and criticism from fellow bloggers and enthusiasts to shape your writers voice and style.

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