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Honeybee Books - Print on Demand

In the old days you printed your books and then hoped that bookshops and other retailers would pick up on your work. At that time it was really only cost effective to print large numbers of books using lithographic printing. You needed to be working in the thousands for the sums to add up.

Things have moved on considerably since then. Digital printing has brought about a revolution in cost and possibility, with modern digital print quality now being so close to lithographic that it’s pretty much impossible tell the difference.  Digital printing means that even one copy of a book can still be produced at a sensible price, and with so many people buying books online through Amazon and other  retailers, a global market is really only a click away.

Our print-on-demand service (POD) means your books can be listed for sale on Amazon, with individual copies printed and dispatched on your behalf when orders come in. All you need to do is decide your retail price, and collect the profit from each book sold. There is a small yearly fee to be listed in the POD feed, but other than this there are no charges.

No more piles of unsold books in your garage, no more stuffing envelopes and rushing to the post office, no more upfront printing costs.

Simple. Just the way we like it.

Why not get in touch to find out more…

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