Blokes What Cook: A family venture!

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‘Blokes what cook‘ is a family collaboration between me and my Dad. The idea is to create a book of recipes provided by men – by "blokes what cook". The profits will go entirely to the charity Prostate Cancer UK. One in eight men will suffer from prostate cancer at some time in their lives and the disease has no respect for wealth or social status, so it makes sense for amateur chefs from all walks of life to be represented in the collection.

It’s not that my Dad needs my help to do it, as a published children’s author, and having self-published his own guidebook to walking in the Pyrenees, he’s an old hand. But there’s something nice about undertaking a creative project with someone else, having someone to bounce ideas with and share dilemmas. It’s a more enjoyable experience when shared with someone. I think my clients often find this too, that working with someone else to make their book into a reality can really give them an enthusiasm and delight that can be hard to find when working alone.

We are keen to represent a real cross section of the male population, so if you know someone else who might be interested, or someone who you think is a great cook, please point them in our direction!

You can visit the website at:

Or email directly to get involved:

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