Making Memories: Memoirs

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Many people come to us wanting help to turn their memories in a proper memoir to keep on the bookshelf, or pass on to family members. Many of them go on to find that actually the interest in their life story is much more widespread than they had imagined. Memoirs by local people who have seen the area change, who took part in world events, or who just have an interesting story to tell are usually well received by local bookshops or other businesses, and can often turn into small scale success stories.

While writing your life story may seem a bit daunting, you may find that it’s a lot easier than you might think. Gather together old diaries and letters, photographs or other memorabilia, and you may find it’s simply a case of writing some explanations to bring it all together. One thing we can promise you though, you’ll find the finished product very rewarding, and you’ll be surprised how much your memories are appreciated by people who you may not even know, let alone those who know you well.

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