No-one Died by Zak Russ

No-one Died - published by Honeybee Books

A new plague, a virulent strain of the Ebola virus, sweeps the Earth, sped on its way by mass migrations of fruit bats driven out of their natural environments by climate change and failing habitat. The human race is dying while dedicated scientific teams struggle desperately to find a workable cure. World-wide, general hospitals and religious orders struggle to help ordinary people to survive.
A Chinese medical research team led by Doctor Zhang Jin and Professor Wang Hu, as part of the revolutionised medical research sector of China, come up with an innovative solution. Success depends on this super intelligent, innovative solution. What could possibly go wrong?
This is a science heavy, science fiction story, involving political, social and religious twists and turns.
Look out for the second book in the series: The Prophet’s Trail.

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