Additional Services


We work with local professional proofreaders to help fine-tune your work. We don’t offer proofreading as a standard, because so many authors have this under wraps, but there can often be mistakes that slip through the net! If you want to make sure your book is properly presented drop us a line and we can give you a quote. Prices usually range between £200 and £400, depending on the length and complexity of your book.


With several artists and illustrators on our books, as well as a few illustration agencies, we can be sure to find you just the artist you are looking for. Whether you want some original cover art, simple dividers or chapter headings, or a full set of beautiful images for your children’s book. Why not ask us what we can do.


If you’re almost ready to publish and would like some advice on your writing before you go to press, we can also offer professional editing services to help you shape and structure your writing. Perfect for the first time author seeking encouragement and constructive feedback, or anyone just needing a guiding hand. Pricing depends on the nature of the job, so please contact us for more details.

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If you’re ready for a quote or want more details, please either email us or give us a call.